finally partly an answer

Here I am sitting in my living room on a Sunday when my doc office writes me a text telling me I’ve a benign tumor in my colon. At least they think it’s benign from the ct scan last week. I have been referred to a gastroclinic here in town for follow up. It explains the pain I have & that it’s persistent. However, I didn’t like how they didn’t do a ct scan at the hospital & that 2 docs got it Wrong.

That’s not okay! The ct scan was available in the ER when I was there but the doc that saw me just jumped to a conclusion that was Wrong, & put me on a bunch of strong antiobiotics, which did little for my symptoms. I am not happy as I would have gotten better faster if they had done the ct in the ER instead of saying I had something I didn’t.

Which I or my husband are happy about. Helse Bergen is a joke, they make too many mistakes including with me & that’s unacceptable. Something needs to happen to the hospital as they are incompentent & jump to the wrong conclusions. If they’re doing it with me who else are they doing it with. Don’t get me wrong I like universal healthcare but that means the doctors in the system needs to be competent even in the ER.

When I know more I will write. Happy almost Thanksgiving.

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