My favorite German cities

We’re back from Germany & my 2 favorite cities are Cologne & Bremen. Frankfurt was too busy with tourists & the shopping area was just full of made in China stores.

The best part of Frankfurt was our lovely hotel next to the Convention center. They were wonderful, gave us a lunch the day we left & upgraded our room. How I love NH hotels, they really do an excellent job.

We took alot of trains too, a few ICE & IC & a regional train. I was glad each time we had our own food & drink on board & didn’t have to buy anything.

Bremen was good, we spent one day on bikes riding out to the dyke that protects the city, 22.5km round trip. It was good to be there but my emotions took over the last day but I processed what was going on & felt better.

It was good to go back & figure out the parts of Central Europe we do like & what we don’t. So happy to be home again with the dog & hubby.

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