Here I am sitting in my hotel that is mildly put crap. The staff is rude, service sucks & they had the audacity to hold 400 Euro on our card.

The only thing that’s good about this place is the location, other than that it sucks. The bed is an IKEA knock off that almost fell apart the other morning.

The door to our room is not secure so anyone can just push their way in. They supposedly “fixed” the door but it’s already lose again. Not acceptable.

Oh & the breakfast is 15 Euro & is cheap & lame. They gave us activia in a wasteful plastic container. Not gourmet or worth the Euro. It also came with cheap ham & cheese & a few jars of jam.

They also didn’t provide a safe for our passports & valueables. I am good on Belgium. Honestly not that impressed. But then again it takes alot to impress me & this hotel didn’t deliver.

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