Revisiting the past

So, in a little bit over a week I am traveling back to Germany, something I am nervous about & happy. It’s where I got very sick over 5 years ago, & it’ll be surreal to be back there & be healthy & stable. I think the trip will eye opening & fun.

Years ago I would never think that I could go back to a place I was having such a tough time in but to see it with clear eyes & mind. I will be bringing something to write on as it was recommended to me & it’ll be a way for me to proess being there.

It will be good to getaway for a little bit & see something else, like Brussels where I have never been. I hope to rent a bike & ride around the city while my sweetie is busy unfortunately working. I am looking forward to going to Frankfurt & shopping a little bit there.

The babies, Flekk will be going back to the farm he was at this Spring when we traveled. He will running around like a little happy doggo. So he will be well taken care of.

I am excited to be traveling again & no long haul flights this time. Yipeee!

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