end of the season

As many of the you know, this particular tourist season was hell in the city I live in. Today, I write and tell you that the atrocious tents are coming down. Finally! I can actually walk to the incubation lab I work in, in less than 15 minutes. A few weeks ago it took me nearly 20 minutes just to cross town.

Now,it takes almost half that, which is so great! I also scored a pair of olive green blundstones at a local store so I have lots of color choices for the Winter when & if it comes.

The other thing that is on my mind, is the # of dog deaths keeps climbing & they don’t know the cause so our sweetie is at home quarantined until they figure it out. No, socializing with other doggo’s for now.

The end of the Summer has been nice, we finally had people over for BBQ last weekend & it was fun & long. But it was fun to finally have someone over that hadn’t seen our house before.

Other than that I am good, lots going on for which I won’t comment in the blog. You’ll just have to wait & see. Sorry for the long wait between entries, life has been pretty hectic.

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