running out

The most disturbing thing to come out on the media this week is that we have essentially run out of food & resources to keep us alive on the planet. Something that is disturbing even though it’s true. By running out of natural resources so early in the year means that food in countries where I live will most likely go up price.

Here in Norway they are thinking of marking food as good for the planet & so on. Something that should have happened years ago. I don’t think your frozen pizza fits in that catergory. Also, they are taking stock of what farmers are doing, & how they have contributed to global warming & the current climate crisis.

I feel like I am sitting in a car or bus going thru a tunnel & I don’t have my seatbelt on. What will be at the other end of the tunnel scares me to think to about. What will we do when the true crisis strikes. I have heard some theories about that, like being on a boat in the ocean, there’s nothing left to fish but plastic. The ultra rich think that living in a bunker in the middle of nowhere is the solution.

I wonder everyday what the planet will look like in 30 years, but at the rate we are going now that time may be a much closer than we’d like to think. Maybe I should start thinking about the world in dog years. For every year we live we spend resources for 7 of them. That means we’ll run out of resources Fast.

It also means the globe may have a good 12 years left, instead of 30. No, we have pushed too hard on this world, & it’s had enough. I think in the end we will extinct ourselves by wasting the precious little we have left on food waste or a dump. Something half the globe has turned into.

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