sytem failure

So, intially I thought I’d not have to write about this but I decided after last night that I should. I had initially started to see a therapist in a practice, & after very few sessions she tells me she can’t be my therapist after the end of May. I also really found her promising but such is murphy’s law.

I tell my GP that I would very much like a therapist & he calls me back pretty late one night & tells me that all the *free* therapists are all male & that there isn’t any female therapists available at the moment.

I tried therapy with the new one therapist in the private practice but she was really Green & had terrible table manners, making the sessions unpleasant. They also wanted to charge me $200 a sessions for a text book therapist straight out of medical school.

If you’re wondering what I did, I went back to my reliable, responsible therapist in the States. Sometimes when there’s system failure that’s what ends up happening. I am glad I did, I can rely on her & she knows me so there’s not any of that awkward, weird session stuff that always seem to be the case with a new therapist.

I feel pretty good, but frustrated in this healthcare system for all, that falls gravely short on people with mental illness. It’s a national shame that there isn’t more socially responsibility around this matter here in Norway. I am at awe, but not for the reason I couldn’t find a therapist, that my doctor couldn’t either. Now, that’s not right.

Also, what gave me hope was that my old, reliable therapist took me back. Something I am over the moon over & grateful. Sometimes you’re better off going with what you know, than trying something new.

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  1. Has this ever happened to you where you live? Leave a socially responsible comment below, this is something that should be addressed all over the world, not just where I live.

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