The life of a bee!

I just finished “The History of Bees” by Maja Lunde; it was a hard read but worth every page. I think we have come to a breaking point with the Earth, the damage mankind has done is finally catching up to us. I write next to my trusted four legged companion who is also rare.

Soon mankind might be too, if we don’t stop what we are doing to the Earth. I remember in the 90’s when I was at Uni that nature was doing great. What did we have to worry about. Now, after almost every nation on Earth has started to try to slow down our own demise.

Soon, we won’t have proper drinking water, or food. Because we have been to busy spraying our own food with chemicals. Chemicals that go into our soil & our drinking water. In India they are facing dangerous water shortages & in California people are starting to have allergic reaction to the water they depend on.

Something has to start change, not just the waste we throw into the oceans but the waste we allow to build up on land. The endless use of plastic for Everything . What if we found otherways of packaging produce, electronics & other shopping items?

The world is on a stop watch, & the countdown to our own extinction is already happening. I wonder at the children, they’re future doomed because we insisted on cleaning with chemicals in our house & when we do laundry. What will become of them?

How old will the Earth allow them to become, before we are fighting for food, not oil. Water not contaminated by chemicals we have allowed to slip into it. No we don’t belong to earth, the Earth belongs to us. But ask yourself next time you reach for the bleach to clean your house, is that really a good idea?

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