partial tan

So, here it is the height of Summer & tomorrow the rain sets in. It’s kinda like why bother shaving your legs when it’ll rain feeling. Only my top half in tan this year, something I don’t really care so much about. Since, I no longer lie outside to get a tan, that’ll be what it will be.

It’s been that kinda Summer, we hiked in the rain 2 weeks ago, & where near hypothermic when we where done. We could only see between 50-75 meters ahead of us while we hiked in the rain & fog. Of course the next day the sun came out, such is murphy’s law.

For the next 2 weeks it’s supposed to pour down rain everyday, so much for enjoying fellesferien outside. Guess, we need to travel to some place warmer if we want a tan. We’re traveling but not until the Fall. Something I am looking forward to. Meanwhile, I guess I will just have to dodge the tourists & hope for the best in my hunt for something new.

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