Summer where art thou?

So, it’s an average of 12 degrees centigrade in the city I live in, we managed to have Half a day of sun yesterday! A whole half day! In central Europe it’s 35-40 degrees & they have had to open cooling shelters for the elderly & the young.

I took my sandals out of the closet & wore them around the house, around The House. Not outside. It’s pathetic. Last Summer we had sun the whole Summer & now all we have is another week worth of rain. This morning there was thunderstorms & torrential downpour. Summer where art thou?

On one hand it makes me kind of happy seeing all the tourists decked out in their heaviest clothes because it’s only 12 degrees here. It’s pretty funny how cold they think it is.

Anyway, I like the rainy days. Sometimes you just gotta enjoy what’s there.

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