Sometimes You Just Know

I have had a debate with myself for the past week, where I was wondering if I would write about this or not. But I have decided I wanted to because how I was treated was despicable.

I had an interview for a local organization here in our city, I showed up 15 minutes early, because that’s what you do when you go to an interview. I sat there & sat there, until a unhappy woman showed up right at the time when my interview was supposed to start. Unprofessional.

We went to a meeting room & they asked me some basic questions, everything was okay for the first 2 minutes. Then they asked me some questions I was okay with but the woman who had other issues that she brought into my interview began cutting me off by saying that I wasn’t talking Fast Enough. What?

Unprofessional. Then I can’t complete full sentences, because the woman with the obvious outside issues in my interview won’t let me. I asked some basic questions about them & what they do.

After I left the interview I could hear them having a screaming match, something I have experienced before that I view as a saving grace. I wouldn’t want to have her as a boss. She kept me waiting & when the kind gentleman called & said I didn’t get the job-I had known it since the day of the interview.

As my friends have said, another door will open. It already has. No thanks to 3 months of my life wasted on something that obviously wasn’t worth it. Sometimes You Just Know. Trust your Gut.

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