So, we are back from the whirlwind tour of the US. The first 4 days where amazing & relaxing. The rest of the trip was how many people can we meet up with before we fly out.

It was interesting seeing Seattle, it has changed soo much since we left; gotten bigger & more aggressive something I didn’t like too much. There’s apartment buildings sprouting up like weeds.

The only thing that looked vaguely familiar was Pike’s Place Market, where I visited my charm. So cool. My friends are the same but different.

It was good to be back but boy was happy when I discovered the day we left that we where actually leaving on Monday. I kept thinking we where leaving on Tuesday but luckily not.

The jet lag has been gnarly but what does one expect with a 9 hour time zone change. It’s great to be home. Life is a bit slower here & that’s good.

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