Old haunts

So, I am on vacation to one of my favorite cities & the best part it has changed but the good places have not. I have seen friends & gotten some great hook ups.

I think the best was the Free dress I scored @ eileen Fisher yesterday. I got cash back at the store & even managed to get points towards a future purchase. The dress is beautiful & it fit me pretty well.

The coffee has been excellent! It’s so great to see that you can get 8oz of milk instead of 16oz. Yuck. The places I think are institutions are still there.

For example I went to timbuk2 & scored $20 off a new purse for when I travel. The best part is that my old dingy purse will go to a good place & that’s important.

Having connections is something I have always had but having people remember me is the best. For the most part positive which has been great. I like my old haunts but am glad for the new places I go to in Norway.

See ya on the flipside.

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