four legged creatures

These days I am grateful for our four legged creature, he keeps our heart rate down & tackles us the days that are stressful. It’s one of the things I am grateful for that I have a healthy dog. He is also pretty content which is good. But it makes the hard days all the more bearable.

He is learning how to walk on a longer leed that is good, as we had him on a pretty short one for a long time. It means he can search out his favorite snack, cat poo. In a few days he is off to doggie boot camp for a few weeks while we travel. I think he will really love it.

He always makes me happy when I come home & jumps & is excited because he knows he will be able to go out & do his dog stuff. There are some days where I wish I was a mom to a child but most of the time I am happy to be a mom to the four legged creature.

When we where all alone he & I we would go to bed early & wake up early everyday. He was a great companion in those lonely months. I was glad I had him with me everyday. On Sundays we would go for a stroll & he loved it. It’s wonderful to be a dog owner. It really is. Dogs are good for humans. Till next time.

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