comfort food

So, I have been thinking lately that I really look forward to coming home in the afternoon. It’s not just the four legged creature that is happy to see me it’s also seeing Castle on the telly. It’s like comfort food for the soul. The show is well written & the acting of nathan fillion & the rest of the cast is stellar, literally. Makes me really wish that it was still on the TV.

With all the stress that I have been under recently it’s really great to come home to see the show. The dog takes a nap before his supper which is always after the episode is over. It’s one of those things that no matter how bad the day is the show cheers me up.

Yesterday the dude ranch episode was on & it was great! The writing was super & the show was stellar as always. Maybe it’s narrow minded of me to like a show such a Castle but I really like how it’s done & the actors are not stiff, but natural.

There’s some stuff coming up I am really excited about, we are traveling in a few weeks & it should be fun? The four legged creature is going to doggie boot camp for 2 weeks. He needs to lose weight so it’s great. Thanks for reading as always.

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  1. I always love hearing a bit of your daily life! Have you seen any of Nathan’s new show. “The Rookie”? I caught a couple episodes when I was staying at Nick’s while he and Maly were on vacation so I added it to my viewing list, but it is on hiatus right now. If I have time, not much of that lately, I’ll check out the earlier episodes on “On Demand”.

    Love, Doris

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