spring is in the air

So, Spring has finally arrived in Bergen! The days are warmer & the sun sets later. Everyone is outside enjoying the weather by hiking or simply having outside hygge & having a beer. There’s lots I can’t mention in the entry but I am nervous & excited for the next couple of weeks.

Today is a KAVU day outside, it’s severe clear & all the mountains are out. My husband is running to to do some errands with our silly 4 legged family member while I get some peace & quiet to write.

I have been reflecting lately on where I was a decade ago, & where I was before that. I feel like I have come a really long way but I couldn’t do it without my husband who has been so supportive & have weathered some real storms with me.

It makes me grateful for the simple things, I always look forward to him coming home from work & so does the 4 legged creature. Somehow it has become the highlight of the day for us two, the four legged creature & I.

I am traveling next month, & have started getting really excited about it. It will be good to go back & only be a tourist rather than someone who lives there.
Hope all is well out there & keep a look out for my new entry in the coming weeks. Hopefully I will have good news?!

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