Lots have happened, somethings look promising while others I can’t write about in my blog. I can however say that I am looking forward to traveling in May; it should be fun. However, what we are missing is a reliable dogsitter. Something we truly need as we learned from our mistake last year.

I had to write about my mental health recently & it was more difficult than I thought. It was however cathartic to write it out. I have learned quite a bit in the last 6 years but among those things are how important my meds are & keeping my head clear. There’s still too much shame surrounding mental illness & it needs to change.

As for the signs of Spring are here, the booths are coming back to the fish market in town & one of the first cruise ships of the season was in town today. It was a relief to see it leave this evening as the city was chuck full of people today which made it hard to get around.

I learned a ton at the founders weekend I attended a few weeks back. I learned that my idea is a good one & got it confirmed again today which was great. We had 70 degrees today & it was wonderful out. Spring is finally here!!

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