getting em done

Last weekend I participated in a 3 day workshop where you work in teams to create a valuable product by Monday morning. The topic was sustainability and followed the UN’s top 16 steps to save the planet. Something I found both interesting & fun. It’s also about damn time we start doing instead of thinking about the planet.

I adored the event as I learned so much not just from the people I met but also from the teams that had a clear plan on how they wanted to work on the project they had chosen. The team I chose we didn’t have the group dynamic that made making the product viable. I could bitch but I won’t.

What I learned this past weekend is that my generation & the generations after me are interested in creating better environments not just for everyday people but for felons & children that have to be driven to school. The people I met where wonderful & I may the plan in place to get my idea off the ground. Something that I am very excited about.

Oh & I have lots to do, catch ya’ll later.

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