daily routines

It’s so nice to have my husband back after his business trip, you start to realize just how much the daily routine matters. For me it’s great to have him back because I sleep better at night. It’s comforting to have him next to me & know that he’s asleep with the dog. When it’s just the dog & I think about everything that could go wrong rather than right.

I find comfort in daily routines & it’s even nicer to have someone to share it with. Like having coffee together in the morning or after a hike & making dinner together. Daily routines is something we shouldn’t take for granted. When I hear people who argue over the most basic of daily rituals I find toxic. Living isn’t always easy but having a companion to share it with does.

I remember back in my single days how I thought having a daily routine with someone was scary. Now, in my mid-forties I find them comforting. Like hearing my dog bark when my husband comes home. Because he is as happy as I am that he is home. How we take the dog for a long walk on Sundays & how we enjoy our cups of coffee together in the morning during the week & leisurely on the weekend.

We may not have a ton of money but we have the comfort of being together in our daily routines & sometimes that’s all we need.

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