a windy day

The other day I & the dog had some time by ourselves & I decided to take him for a hike up Fløyen. Within minutes of walking off the bus I ran into a great woman who was walking aimlessly through the city with no point & asked if she’d like to go hiking with us. It turned into a great walk filled with picture stops & conversation.

Even though this week I have been home alone it was great to have some company that was both witty & gracious. Flekk requires patience when walking & she handled it beautifully. I kept apologizing but she took it really well. We ended it with having a bite to eat & exchange contact info.

There’s something to being alone even for a few days. It gives you chance to get a new perspective. I like traveling alone as well as you meet some interesting people when you do. It also helps to have a cute dog with an unique attitude. It has been a great week but I am looking forward to my hubby coming home in a few days. Till next entry-go out there & meet New people!

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