nearing 50.

So, the other day I turned 45, if you said that I would be this old in high school I would have laughed. It feels weird to be so close to 50, but the 40’s have been full of adventure & moving. Somehow, I never thought I would living back in my own country, I always thought I’d be in the US for the rest of my life.

How was my birthday, mellow with a dash of a good dinner out. I got some good free coffee, a bun & someone surprised me with flowers which was really unexpected but great. I came home fed the dog & met my husband for dinner in one of the cities best restaurants. That was a awesome.

I never thought I would live until this age-living with acute PTSD & then other diagnosis & on top of it being homeless over a decade ago I just never thought I would be this old. I pride myself on self care & treating myself to something good everyday.

I also have a strong belief in paying things forward. If someone is good to me I try to be good someone else that day. It’s just good karma. I believe that all humans have feelings & they should be respected. I say something if someone is not in good standing with me & am little fond of lies & crappy handshakes.

I am looking forward to the next 5 years. Wonder what other parts of the globe I will have seen before I am 50. Also, life is too short to waste on negative people.

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