living without the net

Hi, so for the past 7 weeks we didn’t have the internet or a tv. I slept way too much on the couch but I also had some great conversations with my hubby. I think it gave me a different perspective but I also used too much g’s on my cellphone. Something that I really regret. Living without the net is something I recommend to anyone who has become too addictive when you need to look at your phone or a screen all the time.

I learned to savour the silence in our new neighborhood & talked to the dog which I think you should always do. It was an involuntary banishment of the net. So, getting back has been a big deal. I had to use my hubby’s office to pay bills & check important messages.

I have decided that since we didn’t have the internet for so long that I am going to watch less tv & write more. I am also going to read. I highly suggest you try living without the nets for a while. Try it out & see what it shows you.

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