292 is not full refund

So, I just heard from AG’s office & because of the gov shut down they as they said can’t compel them to reimburse me the full amount.

Which means @ExpediaMediaGroup managed to get away with fraud. They reimbursed me exactly half when I had bought cancellation policy when I booked my room in London.

Did I mention that they’re bombarding my inbox with spam. Like I’d book Anything with them again. They send me both spam from their Norwegian site & the American.

I think what @ExpediaMediaGroup did to me is symptomatic of websites without a soul. I am sure the website staff I spoke with was in India. They had a script & are not equipped to handle a real complaint.

No, $292 is a token & shows how little they value their own policies they sell to customers incl. the cancellation policy they refused to honor with me.

Shame on you @ExpediaMediaGroup.

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