Christmas movies

A few weeks ago I got some really upsetting news from a close friend & had to cancel a trip. That weekend I began watching Hallmark movies ad nauseum. It was the only thing that kept me from crying & it doesn’t require a ton of concentration or thinking. I haven’t been in the Christmas mood this year because of a variety of issues some which I cannot mention in this blog.

I am sitting in a apartment surrounded by boxes & the only thing that makes looks like Christmas is there’s presents on the table. Other than that we finally have a bathroom in our new house. Finally. Just in time for Christmas. Today, I spent the day walking the dog & people watching in the city. He is now happily sideways on the floor. Mission accompli.

The Hallmark movies are almost all cliche & stereotypical which makes them something to drink alcohol too. If I didn’t have to pack boxes I would drink to them. I have since gotten good news from my close friend so things are on the up & up. I just hope I get my Christmas spirit up in time for next years Christmas. I got some good news on travel plans but can’t say anything yet.

As for the bus & scrooges I don’t take it & I won’t miss it. Looking forward to the variety of choice when it comes to buses we will have in our new house. No more being stuck with 2 choices. Yipeee.

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