So, a few weeks ago a hostile & aggro woman accused me of being something I am not & she did so by publicly humiliating me on a city bus. She did so in the span of 2.5 minutes but the effect has been lasting for me anyway.

I now choose to walk 12 minutes to take a lightrail for a mere 5 minutes just to avoid taking the 12 minute bus downtown. Today, I was short on-time & had to get to our new house when a white trash former drug user damaged a nerve in my right arm. I didn’t react I just moved away to talk to an elderly woman I know & pretended nothing happened.

My staff at the cafe I go to got upset when I told them what had happened if the pain gets worse I know where she lives & I am sure she’s a regular with the police. I know I probably shouldn’t call her names but she thought she had *disguised* herself by wearing sun glasses today.

I can only imagine how violent she really is IF she gets the chance. Scary. Which brings me to the relief I feel when we leave this neighborhood. There are some good people but with the shelter housing & methadone clinic right down the street I won’t miss the riffraff on the bus or the 12 minute ride into the city.

I haven’t felt much Christmas spirit this year because we are in the middle of packing literally. Today, I got faint glimmer when my parents in law sent us their Christmas package which put me in a much better mood.

So, tomorrow when I have to go downtown I will enjoy listening to Coldplay live in Buenos Aires in the rain. It’s going to be that kind of Christmas this year. No snow in sight.

God Jul and Godt Nytt År!!= Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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