why @ExpediaGroup is yesterdays booking site.

So, I woke up to some horrible unforseen circumstances last Saturday & threw myself on the phone to Expedia.com to cancel my reservation. When I called the hotel today they hadn’t even had any phone calls from them!! I decided to buy Booking Protection plus on the website something they won’t honor.

I live in Norway & called the American phone number which I called 3 times on the 4th try the guy I got on the phone *claimed* I was calling from a German # and had the audacity to transfer me to their German office where he had come up with a German name of a man I have never heard of. I have spent 4 hours on the phone with them & everytime I told them I had booked Booking Protection Plus they acted as if what I said they didn’t hear.

I have Now contacted the AG office in Washington state where @ExpediaGroup is located & have filed a fraud complaint against them. I am out nearly $600 which is why I contacted the AG office this kind of behavior is fraud plain & simple. I had forgotten that they screwed over my husband on a previous trip I learned my lesson.

Now, onto companies with a soul if that even exists???

UPDATE The Washington state AG office has taken my case!! Yipeee!!

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