thankFull list for 2018

I am grateful for many things this Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s a short list of all the people that have impacted me the last year.

Our neighbor that showed us where to walk Flekk (on days he wants to walk.)

My friends at Bryggen who always ask how things are & want to know.

My favorite cafe, it’s no Seattle but it makes my heart warm &
the people are great!

All the trips I have gotten to take this year.

My husband for encouraging me to write my book & publish it.

My bestfriend who keeps my head sane when things go sidways.

For all the people that came to my reading\open mic when I launched
my book.

For all the people that wants to know that Greg & I are alright in the

The things I am most grateful for are my close friends & my amazing
grandmother who is now going on 100 and half!!

I am truly happy to say that regardless of the things that have gone
sideways recently I have a great support network & that is something
that can’t be replaced.

Happy Thankgiving 2018!!

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