home & away jumped the shark

So, I have been watching an Australian soap opera & the show has become predictable with the plot line. It’s no fun when you guess what will happen to a character & it happens. Lame. I adore the show, don’t get my wrong but the writing is really suffering & it shows on the characters.

Some people may say I am bitching about how all soaps are but I liked watching it because it was different & the plot was hard to predict. I think the moment for me was when one of the characters had a fling with an obvious married character who all she could mumble was that things where complicated. Lame again.

You are sitting there critizing me for watching it, but I am writer & I like how shows show the characters good & bad side & how they develop. How they change & grow but also how they reflect. As I have an aspiration as a fiction writer now that I have published book of poetry I want to reach to other heights.

Oh & Christmas season is already here Before Thanksgiving. Meh.

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