forfeiting of something green

So, this has been a hell of week, with the new house & me forfeiting something green. Sometimes you just have to forfeit in order to move forward & I feel that’s what I did. It was a hard decision but it weight down by what was going to happen with my hubby’s job I had to wait.

I spent my childhood, & a portion of my adulthood in the US, very many years of stability up until 2 years ago when society started to get hostile & the city we where living in no longer felt like ours. I think I just felt that it was time to go home. Although I have family in the country I hope I can return in the future to a different place than what it is now.

I feel that the country built by immigrants no longer accepts them & it’s sad to see. Even though the soundbites on the news are shorter here it feels sad to know that I now have to wait to see what the next steps will be??

On a Brightter note, this is post 1002. Something I am really proud of. Thank you for reading.

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