Trying to figure out what our petsitter did or did Not do while in our apartment. However, everytime I try to bring up the issues with her she has gaslighted the convo. I have not experienced the kind of toxic, melodrama since college. Her unprofessionalism & sheer lack respect for Flekk or our space has been astounding.

To name a few things she did, she cut the tags off a pair of Very expensive hiking boots and wore them. She tried on my clothes, opened a package of expensive tights & stretched them. She helped herself to a pair of expensive gore tex sneakers & claimed that she had “accidentally” packed them.

Flekk’s favorite moose is gone, several towels went “missing” after she took care of him. Instead of refilling the soap dispenser I had she tossed it. She took 3 unopened packages of cotton rounds from under our sink in the bathroom.

I had put my tablet in the safe & we had hid it, when we came back she had opened the box I had put the cords in & I found it opened. She put our expensive wooden kitchen utensils in the dishwasher. The sheet I had washed prior to leaving she left in the washing machine soaking wet. We had to wait to get our sheets when we came home after an entire day of travel.

She has the keen inability to NOT admit fault, or replace anything she took or went missing. I think she finds this kind of behavior a form of normal, because No one has the guts to ask her outright when she steals. I don’t think what she did in our place is new, I think it’s been normalized which means she won’t admit to anything she does wrong.

I feel sorry for her. To live a life of lies and conning & stealing. Really isn’t a life at all.

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