So,we were in Portugal for nearly 2 weeks, the trip was without a hitch until 48 hours before we left when I got food poisoning like I have Never had before. I got really sick & it took me almost a week to recover. Portugal was beautiful though, dusty but beautiful & my favorite part was the Southern coast where we went dolphin watching & had some really good food.

We brought our own water bottles something that saved us more than once, we would fill them every morning in the hotel & drink them all day long. Something that felt much better than purchasing water all the time. We took a tuktuk & thought we would die on the way to the apartment we stayed in. Everything close to Lisbon was mobbed so being on the Southern coast was nice.

I adored the small town of Obidos where we ate at a very famous bakery, & it was soo cheap. Amazing but cheap. It took us 8 hours to get to the Southern coast, as we took the train & buses. We stayed @ an excellent hotel with a fab front desk. The airport of Lisbon is not very safe but I didn’t feel comfortable using my wallet until we were by security.

It was way too hot in the 30’s everyday so it’s great to be back in rain & 12 degrees. We had a good vacay, all but the food poisoning @ the end but I heard it’s really common to get it. Thank you Portugal for a great vacation.

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