launch completed

So, my book launch was last night & 6 people showed up that I didn’t know & 9 books where sold!! Yipeee! It feels so good to have it behind me & feeling great to read on a mic again. But it felt great to read to an audience & to get some applause for what I have written.

I spent 2 days preparing by reading out to loud to friends & family. I found my voice last night & that felt great. I am using the word Great too much so I will have to find another verb.

Although the last month has been stressful the book looks great in hardcover & the last minute edits we did improved on my vision. Now onto finding a house with a grass for our dog & finding a place for my cafe. Something I am super excited about.

I also hope to find a steadfast open mic here in Bergen where I can try out new material. Remember you can buy a copy anytime on Amazon. Just search Greylight & you will find it. Till next time you see me on the mic or on here, remember to stay true to yourself & your dreams & go pick Chestnuts. It’s the season.

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