burn out

So, here I am in the thick of Summer & over the next coming days the tempreture will rise to 80 degrees. Yuck. I sat at my favorite cafe today & observed a family just stagnate, with no good reason. They really took their time! The city is still over run by zombies. Many too lazy to walk back to their polluting cruise ships so they stagnate at local bus stops. Ridiculous.

I feel bad for the people working in the city center because if it isn’t a rude tourist, like the other day when these 2 American guys came into my cafe, went up to the counter & pretty much demanded to know where the toilet was. Or maybe it’s the abudance of selfie sticks.

My book launch is in 2 weeks & I am nervous. I feel a tinge of dread as if no one will come. Which I know they will but just the thought of an empty room is disheartening. I miss my New Yorkers, I feel that I haven’t had the concentration to sink my teeth into an issue.

No, it feels good that the Summer is over next week. I think it’s Summer until the rain hits in September but here it’s over after the 4 week vacation everyone takes. The buses will become crowded again but hey normalcy will return which is a good thing.

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