the launch

So, it’s a few weeks till I have my book launch in Norway, I even have a band that will play at the beginning & at the end. So psyched. My hubby also got really good news this week so we can focus on staying in Norway. My BF came & visited & we had a blast. It was a marathon 2 weeks with the in-laws here first so it’s nice to have our space back.

Other than that the local paper published a story about the cruiseship passangers who come into the city everyday & how they are always over dressed & with heavy camera’s around their necks. Today, I encountered a rich bitch @ my cafe & her energy was soo bad I didn’t order a second cup of coffee.

I headed straight to the bus where a bunch of zombies where freaking out because the annoying hop on hop off bus didn’t pull over fast enough. yuck. It was nice to get on the bus & go home.

In 3 weeks I have my launch @ the literature house here in Bergen. Please come & support me & the band. It’s bound to be a good time. See you on August 10th @ 8pm.

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