Tourist season

I know I have written about the selfie stick movement in this blog; not that long ago. But you know it’s bad when other regulars who frequent my cafe come in bitchin’ about how the tourists are ruining it for the locals. Something I have thought for a while now.

I think the biggest problem is that the world is being run over by them. Iceland has reached it’s breaking point as has other countries. Plus, thanks to airplanes and cheap tickets you can trek globally very easily & for cheap. I don’t think the world is that different anymore. You can find fastfood chains everywhere.

I heard a story once of a couple that traveled to Italy & all they ate while there was American fast food chains. Something that appaled me when I heard about it. They claimed that the local food wasn’t safe or was too expensive. Lame. When I was in Australia a few years back I ate kangaroo meat in Alice Springs. I ate like the locals. We found a great cafe that served breakfast that had a great vibe.

I think if you are going to travel this Summer remember that you’re traveling & eat the food from the region you’re in, if you’re not then you should stay home or eat on that ugly cruise ship parked in my small city harbor.

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