why i am going back to brick and mortar

I recently purchased a dress I was super excited about from Patagonia; the design & dress was going to save a part of Hawai’i. Low & behold I ordered a shirt for my husband that fits him just fine. However, after ordering 2 dresses in a size 12 I realized that there was a serious flaw within Patagonia’s quality control, I was retold the measurements for a size 12 & if it had in fact been that it would have fit.

Patagonia is punishing me by telling me they will no longer ship to me internationally when the dress I ordered twice was a size 8 & my own mother couldn’t even fit into it. They had some clever come backs like it runs small, sure it does if you sow in the wrong sizes on the dresses you have.

I am flabbergasted, they are refunding me but won’t accept my orders in the future when I am sure I am not the only woman out there that has the same problem with that dress.

There is a serious problem in the clothing industry when companies won’t accept responsibility for what they manufacture & sell. Which is why I will go back to brick & mortar however it means that I won’t be a conscious consumer which is what I was before,

because it’s hard to do in the land of H&M. I will find something as good but I doubt I will purchase any Patagonia gear in the future even if it is brick & mortar that I am buying it from. The company let me down & that is something I won’t soon forget.

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