reflecting on 100 years

I just came back from the Arctic circle where we celebrated my grandmother’s 100 birthday! I can’t imagine living that long & experiencing everything she has. It was a family celebration & a majority of my family made it there expect a few cousins & distant family. She had gusto this year, celebrating for 2 straight days & her room was filled with flowers & greetings.

I loved being in my grandmother’s house, seeing pictures of my grandfather after he had gone hunting when he was young to the pictures on her wall. She will forever be the matriach of the family & her life & legend will live on way past her years. She traveled to Berlin prior to WWII breaking out & have pictures of Berlin with Hitler’s influence everywhere.

She traveled to the US several times to visit my family & traveled around Norway; she studied to become a teacher after she had, had children. Left my grandfather to fend for himself which he did not like. There is so many stories to tell from my trip but most of all I am proud to be her granddaugher. I ran into several people in the town who asked me when I was moving back home.

I feel lucky & exhausted to have such a great family, I even stayed up past my curfew & came home at 3:30am one night out with the relatives. I hope her legend lives on for 100’s of years. Because that she truly deserves.

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