Tipping up Front

Spring is finally here!! There’s rain falling from the sky instead of snow & all the water fountains in the city have been turned on. A huge sign that Summer is on it’s way. I just got delivered some Kona & am relieved that I got it after the volcano errupted on Hawai’i.

I went to a marketing seminar yesterday that was really interesting & I learned more than I thought I would. Being unique with your business model really pays off as long as you provide good customer service. Something that isn’t always happening in Norway.

People expect you to tip Before you get your food, something I am starting to have issues with. I want to tip a place Because they do a good job not because they are greedy & asked for it up front. In the US I would always tip in the places they did a good job. Always. But here in Norway more & more companies are asking for tip when you pay up front. Like yesterday I went to a cafe & ordered coffee & they asked for tip up front. The coffee was nothing to brag about it, watered down mess hence, I am glad I didn’t tip.

I understand that Norway is becoming a cashless society but tipping should be earned NOT expected. That’s where I differ. A company should earn me as a client but when they ask for a tip up front & then do a crap job of course I am not going to go back. Like he said at the seminar yesterday that’s bad customer service.

So next time I go somewhere & they expect me to tip up front I expect stellar service from them. Period. Enough said.

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