well, i am now a couple of months into the whole wedding planning stuff.  that has been interesting. i was super excited to go to a dress shop & look for a dress-but when i got there i was fitted into Maternity bridesmaid dresses (i have a 29″ in waist) in hideous colors & the number one fabric was polyester. gross.  i went there because of a recommendation & great review. when i asked if they had any eco friendly dresses the sales rep implied that i couldn’t afford them! i found a super easy solution that i got from a store that specializes in non-sweat shop handmade clothing & that was Etsy.com. i have a dress-it’s beautiful & will travel well in my suitcase.

the second let down was a resort on the peninsula that had great food @ the wedding expo we went to & a professional & excellent sales rep. however, when we got there last weekend for my birthday. we realized within an hour of getting there that it was a mis-managed & spent the rest of the weekend running around to other parts of the peninsula. we found some great hikes for the dog.

i am one year older & can’t believe that i am 4 years away from being 40. i never thought i would live until i was 21. i am also excited-for my wedding & for the next part of my life to start. i have also discovered that i like yoga & have found a studio close by that does an great job-this spring i plan on going to yoga a few times a week. learning to focus on my breathing-& being in the present. as my yoga instructor says. Here. Now. when you think here you breathe in when you think Now you breathe out. something i remind myself of when i encounter mean people that breed small mean people. life is too short for that.

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