sorry about my lack of writing the last few months; i have a few excuses..anyway, i have begun volunteering instead of applying for jobs. not only do i feel more productive giving back to the community but it also gives me references for the future.  below is a LONG over due Rant.

i also found out recently that i take a very low dose of my medication a fifth of the usual dose-something that i really like as most people have to be on several medications just to get the proper balance.  i have been asked to do an outreach program in the fall & i am really excited. i encountered someone recently that made some discriminatory remarks about mental illness. i consider unfounded remarks about someone’s mental state to be slander. it’s why i removed stephanie from my facebook list a few months back. not only does she suffer from bipolar disorder-where she tends to go psychotic if her x bf’s blow her off but she had no grasp on ACTUAL reality. she herself is a good candidate for medication-she has been for years.

hence, when i heard libel remark about myself back in february i asked her about it & she did what most unmedicated bipolar people do, she deflected but she also was the one that had called me “crazy.” what a BFF-don’t you think? i recognized that she in fact had never been a Friend i get feeling Now that she only kept me around so she could talk smack. her so-called posse is full of Microsoft brats-that live & die by upstaging in each other in every way possible….sometimes i felt like i was in high school. when one of the popular people in posse lost her job this past year i was quite ecstatic. REALITY. she had what i deem to be a poor grasp of reality & instead of looking for work-took a vacation. how brilliant. i have to remind my dad not to higher her. seriously.

the last few months i have learned quite a bit. do i miss the rendition of high school cafeteria that would always take place @ stephanie’s LAME parties. Nope. a true friend would never have acted as poorly as she did. hence, i am looking forward to going to Microsoft with the outreach program-standing in front of a bunch of brats living in a cardboard box & EDUCATING them on what/how someone with a mental illness ACTUALLY functions. next time you want to pass judgement on someone because they are not ACTING the way YOU want them to ACT. look @ Yourself FIRST-because that is usually where the problems are.

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