i have been seething the last 10 days, maybe it’s the icon that says Live on screen when i watch the Olympic coverage, maybe it’s the incessant political commercials, exxonmobile& a wide variety of other large name companies that have bought a piece of the Olympic NBC coverage. i watched the women’s volleyball 12 hours after it had been played & NBC still called it Live. NBC didn’t even show Phelps 8th gold Live because they wanted to show the women’s marathon which was decided early- events have been covered

sporadically. i watched women’s gymnastics the other day & there was a Nordic country that was ranked in the top 10 that they gave No airtime to. or maybe the fact that NBC on it’s non cable channel is selectively showing countries that are ranked as “favorites” & profiling athletes from other country that have either not medaled or haven’t been ranked in the world top 10. when i write the world top 10-i mean the athletes that come in within the top 10 mark in competition. i don’t have cable so i can’t check out what NBC is airing on it’s affiliated channels, but i found out from Yahoo how the men volleyball team did as Yahoo does a web cast of the what happens in the overnight for the US & makes it a point to show who is advancing in all the sports.

i can go to Yahoo’s main page to see how the US is doing Hours before NBC will show it Live. i well aware of the 15 hour time zone difference & Know that what i am watching is NOT Live. i don’t like the graphics that NBC uses when it introduces the Olympics on TV-the swirling Olympic Rings look like a bad acid trip rather than Olympic rings. there is some no-name day time reporter i have never seen before who sits & does the Playback of what happened during the Night. i have begun checking the scores of the medals online-i don’t have to watch another political campaign to watch them or listen to how exxonmobile is feel Good company reaching out to kids& malaria in africa. i like how exxonmobile is using

the Olympics to showcase itself as a Feel Good Gates Foundation look alike with it’s campaign against malaria in africa. i still view them like the evil empire they are. as for watching the remainder of the Olympicson NBC i am Burned out from all the advertising the scripted & played back events. i am thrilled to have watched Phelps-even though tape delayed & not Live. i think i will switch back to CBS & ABC & catch the remainder of the Olympics on Yahoo.

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