coming from the street shelter into the facility i have been in for almost a year has been full of stress & situations i have i had to figure out from scratch. i had a surreal week long trip where i went back to the mother country, norway. the week was surreal & felt weird as i still don’t have a permanent place to rest my head in seattle & am still in transitional housing. seeing my family who hasn’t changed anything but age in the last 14 years was good.

i really enjoyed just hanging out @ my grandmothers house, catching up with my uncles, going out on the town with my cousins & just having fun. the plane rides was long, Very long but having the goal & reaching the destination of my grandmothers town was great. i ate fish all week& have had enough cake to last me till next month. however, it was still surreal& when i told my aunt about my situation i expected condemnation & instead was greeted with support & genuine Love.

i spent time with my favorite cousins–watched the midnight sun dance on the mountains tops in the middle of the night. however, the trip wasn’t without its mishaps & supposed related family drama from theAmerican side of the family who caused a scene @ my grandmothers dinner. a distant relative was more appropriately dressed for working times-Square than she was my grandmothers formal dinner. this distantly, odd & poorly mannered girl incensed my grandmother.

i half expected condemnation for what i said & was instead greeted with hugs& support for what was deemed a Fabulous speech by my Real relatives. by the end of the weekend They became referred to as the Ugly-girls by my grandmother. i had reindeer meat & multe berries with vanilla ice cream–Yummy. i got perspective that i can still navigate international airports, order my favorite food & that i have a family, though Distant that Loves me no matter what.

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