the last few weeks have been nagging at me-after getting rejected for not having stable enough housing history from one of the bigger local low income housing places i felt desolate & worried. even though my partner has been cheering me on saying i have nothing to worry i about. i worry. i live in a city full of condo’s coming up everywhere& most of them are becoming empty because people no longer can afford to pay for them. i called around to 5 out of 10 agencies that specialize in low income housing & found out that their wait lists are staggering & long. unrealistically long. what do i do?

since moving into transitional housing 6 months ago-i thought finding housing would be easy. send in a few applications & see what happens. i was discouraged when the local housing management for the county has a 4 year waiting list & i was still urged to apply by a social worker. ha?! i have the application but i doubt i will do anything about it as the wait list is long. hence, i am going to start from scratch by calling places i was urged to reach by my case manager. it’s start & the program i am in don’t want us to end back on the street, it’s one of the things they don’t want. however, it doesn’t make my stress level any easier. where do i go?

i was asked recently what i would do if i actually had money, enough to live on & maybe get a house. i would move back to one of my favorite neighborhoods & i would open a non-profit with the remainder, help a friend renovate her house. i would spend most of my time working within my non-profit & give back to the community. because community is where we are& what we do. i was also asked a(n) interesting question if i was asked out by a someone in hollywood. ahem. i don’t want to be a girl on some guys arm who makes all the $$$$$$. i would want to established in my own right before i would go out with a guy that has social status in hollywood. i have never been Turned On by status that way, growing up outside of NYC & being surrounded by wealth for most of my childhood has made me oblivious to money. even with my social situation being what it is

in 6 months i want to make it on my own. if i am imparted help that i didn’t ask for then i may say yes. however. i want to make out of being on the otherside of homeless on my own. i have made this far on my own & i plan to make it. period. ending up back on the street is not an option.

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