i moved to the best coffee capital in the US nearly a decade ago & fell in love with the smell of roasted coffee-& coffee houses that had cupp(ings.) the other weekend i am out with my significant other-& we’re cruising all over the city, procrastination never smelled so Good. i went into a new cafe and discovered they carry out of state coffee company. what is Stumptown-it’s a descent roaster who’s main HQ are in Oregon & a company that has infiltrated the local cafe market. something i am quite sad about. it’s not like getting coffee is hard in seattle, it has never difficult to get good coffee. as i am writing this entry i am drinking it because the place that carries the cupcakes i love also have Stumptown.

this city is full of ethical roasters, organic roasters & even macro roasters that have won awards, thankYou Zoka! however, it’s sad to see that with all the choices in this city cafe owners are importing coffee from as far away as chicago & oregon. i am wondering what happened to being Local??? i believe in the 100mile rule that came out a few years ago. granted coffee beans are not grown here in washington. here i am sitting drinking coffee that was roasted locally but who’s company is based out of state. weird. really weird. that is the Irony of what is happening here in seattle. blog continues under picture.

i have some growing fears in the next 6 months about what will happen in my life. however, i wake up everyday & realize that i have to believe in myself & my abilities along with having the ability to cope. something i proved to myself last summer when things became rough. i still managed to Cope & to handle what life threw @ me. i am sure i can still manage whatever happens. i have been through enough to start to realize that even when things get bleak i can see light @ the end of the tunnel.

till next time, take sometime and support Your Local vendor!

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