this afternoon i was singing to james. millionaires while waiting for the bus. i have fond memories connected to the album as it was my last year of school when i listened to it-almost non-stop when i went out. a friend of mine owned a dance club & it was always on @ the front bar. i never bought the album because i heard often enough that almost a decade later i remember the lyrics to 90% of the album. i had a thought from this past weekend of shopping that i am Huge fan of small businesses. i am talking about the place where someone knows your name & it’s not a bar.

seattle has become overrun by the greenMermaid & other larger stores that take away from the community that is this city. long ago when i was at college i ate @ subway till a friend of mine pulled me aside & told me how large they actually where. now, i would rather go to the small deli that only has one location on the block. i tend to frequent the smaller stores. i like going into a cafe & knowing that i am going to know who is pouring the milk for my coffee. last summer when i was in a hard place a small eatery that had just opened fed me for a few weeks-they never asked me for anything but i never left hungry.

society has become overrun with convenience, one of the reasons the Mermaid has been so successful; it’s on every street corner-like ATMs. i enjoy traveling for the smaller places, taking the bus to get there & getting greeted by a smile is always great! it’s someone asking how you really are& it’s the small talk. i don’t go for the artwalk anymore i go to say hi to my friends who live/work in the neighborhood. i can’t convince you that going to a small neighborhood place is worth it-it’s something that has to discovered & adored like your favorite pet greeting you when you come home, because when you enjoy small places like i do. i always have a place to go& someone that remembers my name & that is the whole reason Why.


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