Month: February 2008


here i am sitting with my new toy! i really like how i can log on and get going in the same amt of time it would take my old laptop to load and connect to the internet. i am plugFree; i was Greeted this morning with a beautiful bouquet and this gadget..i sitting wearing…

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i am sitting here enjoying a non-flattened out latte; while spending what may be the last time on my beaterLaptop (a new one is coming in the mail.) this one is on its Last legs& is starting to show it. i am also celebrating Uno winning the Westminister Dog show!! very awesome, they went poodleFree…

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i thought after almost a year plus of physical therapy & giving my body a break that i could go back to the gym. i am sitting writing with my arms feeling more like lead & my damaged nerve is flaring; almost as badly as it did nearly 2 years ago. something that on myBirthday…

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