i thought after almost a year plus of physical therapy & giving my body a break that i could go back to the gym. i am sitting writing with my arms feeling more like lead & my damaged nerve is flaring; almost as badly as it did nearly 2 years ago. something that on myBirthday makes me seething mad. i have spent half my life crossTraining outdoors & to not even be able to have the mobility to go to a gym. Argh!

hence, i have to find something that won’t car wreck my body-such as the gym. it will be another search but i am okay with that. it’s just not timeYet. as for commuting on the bus, they are raising my regular bus pass up Ninedollars next month-in part to fund the new light rail system the city will be getting in the next 2 years. i will still ride the bus as parking is financial nightmare.

write more after i find a new pair of Jeans. my favorite which are 6years old got a tear in the butt, they still fit-and are the softest pair i own. today, i am sporting my Holyjeans, named because i stepBack into Grunge. ah well. till next entry don’t forget to tip yer barista and no wasteage of paperCups, if you areThere-get a bloody ceramic or buy yer own.

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