i am sitting here enjoying a non-flattened out latte; while spending what may be the last time on my beaterLaptop (a new one is coming in the mail.) this one is on its Last legs& is starting to show it.

i am also celebrating Uno winning the Westminister Dog show!! very awesome, they went poodleFree this year. i have been watching the Biggest dog show in the world since i was a little kid-and the crowd in MadisonSqG went wild, as did Uno by howling for Joy! that is what a top dog is supposed to do.

right now-i am enjoying figuring out what i can do instead of the gym, and am thinking about pilates, or swimming; something that won’t trigger my left shoulder(that still hurts..) giving me a small adrenalin rush. i don’t want a Huge one, and since i no longer can run 1/2 mile of stairs or what was 6mile run. it’s a downer, but i am dealing with the obstacle.

since i have had some time to think about what i want to be the next step in my life, i am thinking of going back to school. i have put my furthering my education for nearly ten years and finally feel ready to go back. because this time i am going back on my terms-and am really proud of myself.

things in the house goes in waves, i was told that i will be changing room in the house within the next week. meaning a quieter floor, and a bit more space to Breathe. breathing is something i have been doing a bit of lately. changes do Just that.

till next time, support yer local barista by not supporting the mermaid.

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