i think i am becoming spoiled by living next to one of the best coffee houses in the world, or maybe it is that i Hate flat latte’s. it’s sort of like paying for stale beer, Justworse. the wind brought the sun-something unexpected but beautiful. i am going to take a break from movies for a while, skipping down the trail is more fun anyway & i will be utilizing my snowshoes this winter with the one of the Biggest snowFalls on record.

i am sitting sipping a stale latte and remembering how far i have come the last 6months; maybe it is the meds, my ability to start sorting through what is a Trigger with my mental illness and what isn’t. i recently reached a new way for the new road i am making. how i feel what makes me Feel. 2 very different things. hence, i see myself in a different light-and am working on the new steps i am forging.

i have also decided to keep my flickr account strictly with my cell phone, although i got a new camera in the mail-and abs love using it. the pictures it takes are awesome! i haven’t had a camera since i made the mistake of leaving my old camera on vashon– i grieved over for a few years. my dad bought my new one, just like he did my old one. one of those days that i fondly remember from my fraGmented childhood.

some days at the house are easy and glide by-others are filled with conflict. i am grateful for the warm bed, hot showers, and staff i can talk to when i need to. now, i have spent 6months in transitional housing– considering that i am homeless with housing, a relief. depending on how it’s viewed. i consider my room sacred & my door is always locked even when i am there. my space even in the small room is still mine.

this thursday marks the beginning of the new chinese year and it falls on my birthday, each day there is a energy shift. i cut the tags off my blundstones after rubbing mink oil into them and all my shoes yesterday. something that was calming, soothing while recognizing how square my boundaries have become. i am looking forward to the year of the rat, it’s a Beginning, anew.  


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