waiting inLine

thanks(Giving) was simple and fun this year-spent half the day cooking and the other half eating.  the brief intermission-slowed the city and the House down a bit. i went for a hike yesterday, enjoying frost-and higher altitudes, over-dressed munchkins. babies wrapped in so much clothing their little hands and feet are sticking out in all directions.

watching my favorite soccer team get creamed was no fun at all. although, we arrived in time for the second half-each time we had possession we never got a goal. it was pathetic. it’s too depressing to write more about.

no country for old men Sucked. i like the coen brothers work has always been solid-however, this release ended with a poof. the sigh in the theatre was a straight thumbs down. the serial killer/psychopath is able to take out the very DEA agent that was going to catch him-ah Lame. VeryLame.

i am enjoying my first eggNog latte of the season-one year i drank them straight for a month, Every where! this year with Christmas being stocked in stores 4 weeks earlier than before. Really-the TV is slammed with Christmas, CharFucks has their tacky cups out and an awful take on the Pumpkin latte-i made the mistake of ordering a few years ago. One word. Yuck!

time to get ready to hit work. please drink responsible this season, support local coffee, and don’t Drive Buzzed(Drunk!)


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